Reference cases


The migration of Veikkaus’s data platform was a big project, not only locally, but in a larger scale as well. We had to pay attention to many different parts, from analytics to personalization and e.g. the processes of financial management. The objective of creating a new data platform was to strengthen the client’s capability in analytics and benefit from data in daily actions.

The implementation has been successful. It has also been recognized worldwide when Veikkaus was awarded the Pentaho Excellence Award for Big Data in 2016.

Evaluation phase was executed in a test environment by Hi-IS. We were able to combine the existing systems with the new solutions and prove the compatibility. Hi-IS was chosen because of their partnership with Pentaho and Cloudera.

In this project Sami Porokka helped us in implementing the technical platform for the evaluation environment and in building the chosen technologies.

I can warmly recommend Sami – co-operation worked well and things got done.

– Reni Waegelein, CIO, Veikkaus Oy


We’ve been working with Marko Marjamaa for almost a decade now – and that tells about our trust in his expertise in Oracle support. Marko’s responsibilities have included especially database performance support, locating and analyzing problems and co-operating with the application vendor when needed.

”Working together for almost a decade now. There’s your proof of trust.”

– Juha Pyy, System manager, DNA Oy


Satapirkan Sähkö is a strategic partner for companies in the electricity business, providing information services that enhance competitiveness. SPS needed a capable, developing service provider that was fluent with Oracle and could easily manage the administration of databases.

Those databases functioning perfectly is critical to our company. And so is an open-minded approach to developing. We were able to develop and solidify the systems as well as bring down the costs but still improve performance.

Hi-IS was a natural choice, because we knew them and their work. And their knowledge in Oracle also helped the software provider to develop their product.

– Antti Lehto, Satapirkan Sähkö Oy


Blue1 wanted to secure their business. We restructured our IT infrastructure entirely and at the same time changed our database cooperation partner. We wanted a partner who would “sit on the same side of the table”. A local partner who would dig deep into our business, who we could trust 24/7 and – above all – had the latest know-how.

Hi-IS was chosen and we’ve been extremely satisfied. Together we implemented new high availability database services into Blue1’s ERP environments, at a much lower cost compared to the previous solutions.

”We wanted a partner who would ‘sit on the same side of the table’.”

– Head of IT management, Petri Laine, Blue1