Big data

Big data enables you to collect, store, share and analyze large sets of data but it doesn’t need to be big to take advantage of big data. From us you get best knowledge and support for your quest for big data. We also provide designing and implementing of your Big data platform. Our service is available from midsize to enterprise scale companies.


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What is big data? 

Big data is name of concept  that refers to large volume of complex data. For example We are talking about IOT, Teleoperator, human behavior data where data amounts that are too large for relational database. Big data -services brings all of that and any amount of data available in real-time. With bigger amount of information we get better understanding of our clients, more accurate decisions when developing your product, services and performance.

We offer our clients our comprehensive knowledge of data platforms. For example we have implemented big data platforms to Gaming, Transport and healthcare companies so that they can easily integrate and load their data form operational systems to data lake and data is immediately usable. We offer our clients best of breed technology choices for ETL, storing and analyzing their data. We also offer technology to full fill need to anonymize data and still make it available for analytics.


Our service


We know wide set of information management platforms and analytics solutions that use newest and most trusted technologies and enable to use machine learning. Big data -services offer cost efficient way to store and handle large volume of variety data  with high velocity.

  • Information management
  • Data analytics
  • Data platform design and implementation
  • Data Platform administering and upkeep.

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HI-IS as trusted partner?

Many companies have leaped to digital era and collecting and administering of data has come one of the most important part of processes and product development. We know best tools and ways how your big data platform should be done. We have vast network of professionals in our use and we have good connections to biggest names in the business and also best technologies to all of our needs.

For example we have designed and implemented Big data solution to Veikkaus. Their Big data solution has been noticed around the world and it even has won 2016 Pentaho Excellence Award for Big Data -award. So, choose partner that has famous references to speak for us.

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