Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence or BI-solutions and services offer possibility to collect, analyze and report business critical. Collected information helps decision making and it can be used in process and product development. From us you get all the needed tools for your business.


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Business intelligence or BI-solutions

Business intelligence is analytics, which main target is to collect and conquer business critical data and use it in strategic decisions. Also controlled sharing of data to your customers and partners is one part of Business intelligence.

BI-solutions offer possibility to join operational data to other important data like ERP. Also data can be collected from outside the company about competitors and market state. We also make it possible to do Ad Hoc reporting and data discovery.


How BI differs from data analytics?


BI-solutions are part of Data analytics, but it is smaller scale of reporting. Data analytics is also discovering patterns and making complex analyzes. Business intelligence is more simple collecting and reporting of business data and with our tools anyone is able to do it. It requires working data platform which we at Hi-IS can offer.



Building BI-solution


  1. Mapping of client needs
  2. Choosing right set of tools
  3. Creating data integrations from source
  4. Creating business reports
  5. Possible futrher development


Why HI-IS?


We are globally operating company that specializes in data gathering, storing, transforming and  analyzing. We can help companies of all sizes to get most out of their data. Better we can gather and use the data we have more valuable it will be in decision making.

We help our clients to choose right tools and services for their business intelligence solutions. That make business managing easier. We have successfully helped many of our clients to digitalize their processes and information management. You can read more about out public references from here.

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