Hi-IS is leading Cloudera partner in Finland. So from us you get all the products and support from Cloudera. We know all HDP, CDP and CDH product families and we can design , choose and implement best parts of the system for our clients. Volume of data isn’t limitation with Cloudera products and systems can be implemented from Gigabyte to Petabyte scale


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Cloudera is not database but whole ecosystem


Cloudera offers platform for clustered file store, machine learning and data analytics. Cloudera is many times falsely considered as database but it includes file system, security, analytics and data integration solutions.

Cloudera is leader (after recent merges almost only) Hadoop ecosystem. It is open source solution for processing large volumes of various types of data and is the big data system. Companies that use Hadoop are in various types of businesses like in gaming, manufacturing, banks, healthcare, telecoms etc. For example we implemented Veikkaus (Finnish lottery) data lake with Cloudera tools.

Products family

All products in Cloudera family is under same security solution, SDX offers edge-to-edge security solution for all Cloudera products.

Data integration

Nifi, Kafka, Spark streaming etc.: With these tools we can build efficient, secure and cost effective way to collect large volumes of data. With these tools we can even get rid of expensive ESB (Enterprise service bus) -solutions.

Data storage

Options for data storing are clustered file system HDFS and also “databases” Impala, Tez, Kudu, Hive and Spark. 

HDFS is foundation of Hadoop ecosystem that makes storing of unlimited amount of data possible. You can store data, images, videos etc. Some cases like in cloud HDFS can be replaced with S3 based solutions.


Impala, Tez, Hive are SQL-based solutions for analytics. These ease transition to Hadoop ecosystem and guarantees that customers existing reporting tools work on top of it.

Cloudera also includes tools for machine learning and advanced analytics like Spark and Data science workbench. They support most if not all machine learning languages like Python, Perl and R and also newest machine learning librarys like Tensorflow.


Why to choose HI-IS?


We have good relationship with Cloudera and we are leading Cloudera partner in Finland. We have wast experience with Cloudera solutions and we can easily recommend  right architecture for our clients. From us you get understandable service with quick schedule.

As specialised company in information management and analytics we know big data trends well. We have successfully implemented countless solutions to many clients that have made data more easily and efficiently managed and analysed. You can read more about our public references from here.

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