Confluent™ ( based on Apache Kafka™) is high performance Messaging Queue to a Full-Fledged Event Streaming Platform. Confluent Platform can transfer and store data in Peta byte scale of data in real-time. Confluent platform makes handling of data collection, transfer and sharing easy and automatic. We design best suited solution to our clients so that their data flows effortlessly, safely and fast.


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What does Confluent offer?


  • High performance message queue
  • Quick and easy way to collect and share data
  • Data is safe in the cluster and with distributed and share nothing architecture even service brakes does not affect the service
  • Highly secure platform
  • Helps to decouple applications and systems from each other so that updates and service breaks doesn’t affect opretion
  • Makes migration to cloud and use of hybrid cloud easier
  • Confluent offers advanced UI and automatic integrations


Apache Kafka™?

Apache Kafka is open source platform which works as FIFO messaging queue. Platform has been developed to be easy and efficient way to collet and share data quickly and securely and also collect data automatically when data changes or new  is created. Data can be either retrieved or pushed to multiple different systems.

Platform is well suited to companies of different sizes that that have lot of events like in retail, IOT, Financial or traffic management. Kafka was designed for effortless sharing of data between different sources and targets. This enables companies to get most out of their data. It means that companies can react more efficiently to changes and problems.


What is Confluent™?

Confluent is company which has been founded by  developers of Apache Kafka. Confluent has been developing more features on top of Kafka to meet requirements of enterprises in various sector like retail, industrial, technology, financial and media sector. Their goal has been to remove data silos and connect systems to each other. So that data is available to all systems. Confluent is biggest developer of open source Kafka and they have also developed database like API to Kafka where you can modify, combine and react as soon as data is loaded to Kafka and also store data in Kafka.

Confluent brings safety and security on top of Apache Kafka. Confluent has graphical interface to manage Kafka cluster and Kafka consumers and producers. Confluent includes all that is in Apche Kafka and much more. So you get same decoupling features that Apache kafka has and much more.


How we can help?

  • Apache Kafkan installation
  • Confluent Platform installation and deployment (Control center, Ksql and automations)
  • Secure Integrations between different systems
  • Support services


Some examples of use of Kafka/Confluent

Retail: Every event like bought product is sent to message queue and system automatically reacts if some product is sold out or had low quantity. So it can either send alert or automatically order more.

Financial: Every event made by credit cards can be collected to Kafka. Automation can be built so that all events are analysed and if there is some anomaly alert of credit card fraud can be sent and purchase can be denied. 

Air traffic: Radar systems produce air traffic data in real-time. For example all the data can’t be forwarded to services because some of the flights are not public information and has to be filtered away, With KSQL you can filter secret flights out of the stream in real-time.

HI-IS as your Confluent partner?

We have consultancy company specialized in databases, information management and different kind of analytics with long experience with Confluent. We will find out real need of the client and design best solution for the client. We will design and implement them from installation to production with best security and professional knowledge. We also offer support to all products in our portfolio.


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