Data analytics

Data analytics is part of good information management. When you collect and analyse data correctly you can find key points to raise your business performance with easier decisions when you have correct data to back it up.  Our own data analytics can model and develop customer analytics or just help in house team to form models and see patterns.


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Data Analytics as part of information management


Data analytics is processing of data collected in various formats that aims to enchance performance of our customer companies. We use best tools to integrate customers systems and outer sources, which enables use of machine learning, AI and even customers own algorithms to convert data to valuable information.

  • Data integration
  • Data unification
  • Data modelling
  • Analytics
  • Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics is cost saver


With predictive analytics you can service train, boat, airplane or even mining equipment breaks down.  If problems can be seen before it happens boat is not in the middle of the ocean with out engines or planes doesn’t crash or trains doesn’t breakdown in middle of forests you save lots of money. Data science and analytics is key component in predictive maintenance.

Machine learning has large potential in medical and healthcare industry. With ML you can identify tumors find right treatment to cancer and what is now crucial is to speed up testing of new medicine.


Our scientists and engineers can help customers


We offer our data engineers and data scientists to help our customers. Data engineers prepare data to be used by scientists. Our gurus have broad knowledge of different business areas and if for some reason they haven’t worked with some business area they are fast learners. After that they get to know the data collected, suggest new data sources, make their modelling and analyses and provide solutions to customer. 

Searching for good Data scientists and engineers are difficult, time consuming and extremely expensive. Because of that we offer option where customer doesn’t need to search and hire their own scientist but just contact us and we provide world class scientists with PhD in Theoretical Physics.


High Information Systems as partner

We are flexible and agile partner and our core competences are data integration, modelling analytics and data science.  Our wide knowledge can be seen from our track record with many successful projects in different areas of businesses. Many distinguished companies trust our experience why shouldn’t you. We don’t leave our clients hanging after project ends instead we continue to advise clients when needed. It is important to us to make data integrations and analytics so that customers benefit the most and if wanted can continue  the work with their employees.

Contact us, so we can talk about your current state of business and what kind of business needs or problems you want to be solved. Information management and data analytics offers wide range of possibilities and we will find the ones best suited to you.

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