Information management

Our goal is to offer our clients most effortless and comprehensive information management solution that will ease their work with help of machine learning. We design architecture that enables customer to collect data in real-time from various systems and store it in Petabyte scale and also analyse it with newest and most advanced tools in the market. With our tools you can do analytics from all the data and don’t need to settle in small section of data.  


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Information management as key component in successful digitalization


We help companies in their digitalisation, when old systems are now able to keep up with current growth of data and processes seem to get out of hand. We design architecture that ease their work in information management. It can include automatic MDM (Master data management), real-time data integration, unification and analytics.


We offer platform independent(on-prem, hybrid cloud, cloud) solutions to customers and always fidn solution that is best suited to them. With use of machine learning and newest tools we can build beast and most cost efficient solutions for companies information management.


How to build sustainable information management?


  1. We map curent state and needs of customer
  2. We usually do proof of concept -environment so that customer can see how new technology can change their business
  3. Design architecture that fulfills customer needs
  4. Implement architecture
  5. Data modelling
  6. Data integration and analytics 
  7. Co-operation continues usually in advisory role and with open discussion


Case Veikkaus


Veikkaus is one example of our successful information management project. We helped them to design new data platform that will not need to be changed in 6-8 years. Goal for new data platform was to enable client to strengthen their analytics by making data available in real-time and with larger scale.


At starting point of project they had 3 days old data that they could do analytics to and they couldn’t send marketing or reminder messages as they didn’t know what their customer actually already had done. Now data is usable in near real-time. This has revolutionized their use of data and solution has been noticed even behind atlantic ocean.


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Why HI-IS?


High Information Systems Oy has long history of 6 years and employees have over 20 year history in information management. We are partners with best of breed solutions which can integrate any system needed. Today data management is more crucial part of business and those companies that are able to use their data better they are better suited to keep up with changes of the world. It is main part of digital growth.


We are flexible and agile partner. We done many successful projects and we have many happy customers which speaks our behalf and they will too. Our versatile knowledge of information management and data analytics make us professional and reliable partner.


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