Tamr is innovative answer to data unification

We are leading Tamr partner in Nordics. We have had long history with Tamr and we have close connection  to founders and top experts. If you have got bored of difficult and expensive master data management projects, we can help you with learning and automated solution that supports easy co-operation with data owners. We know the capability of the system and with Tamr we can produce best solution to our clients. Tamr  has been designed to support any amount of data using machine learning. Difference to old and bulgy master data management applications Tamr is not just for one type of data like products, customers or suppliers but all kinds of data. 


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Tamr offers extremely good performance and broad possibilities to take master data management or data quality solution to production in just couple of weeks.

Tamr has been developed in Boston, USA. It has been jointly founded by legend in information management field Michael Stonebraker (MIT, Ingress, Postgress, Vertica, Tamr jne.) with business legend Andy Palmer. It offers very innovative tools to manage and unify data that can be used in many different solutions like Customer, Supplier, products you name it. solution is really fast and easy to take into production and it usually takes less than one month to have it operational. At that time period it is installed and taught to identify your data with high success rate.


Tamr is whole new kind of solution that differs like night and day when you compare to rest of MDM and DQ solutions. Usually other solutions are large, slow, hard to use and requires lot of manual work and heavy processes. You might have read or heard of those massive and really expensive master data management projects that have costed tens of millions and still failed. Tamr offers fast, easy and you can even say cheap compared to those old and bulgy solutions. There are big references like Toyota Europe unified their customer data (https://www.tamr.com/case-study/toyota-motor-europe-case-enterprise-data-unification/) or like General electric that uses Tamr to unify their supplier data (http://www.tamr.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Tamr_GE_Case_Study.pdf)


Tamr uses machine learning or it should be AI to identify data and Tamr has been awarded as one of the top AI companies in USA. 


Why to partner with HI-IS?


We have excellent relationship with Tamr and you can even say that we are friends with founders Michael and Andy. So trough us you will receive excellent service. We also have extensive background in information and master data management so we can help our clients in all data problems. From us you also get reliable and easily understandable service.


As company that has focused in information management and analytics solutions we know that field very well and we can help you to get rid of silos and organise their data jungle. You can check some of our public references here.

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